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Do you know Takoyaki ?

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack including diced octopus(tako).

It is made of a flour-based dough and cooked in a special molded pan.

This time, I ate a Frozen food of Takoyaki.

Now we can get any frozen food even Japanese Food. How convenience !

Inside in it : Takoyaki, source, and Katsuobushi(dried bonito)

Left side is a Katsuobushi(dried bonito, well-used for Japanese food)

Right side is a special source for Takoyaki

After microwaving Takoyaki,

put the source

and Katsuobushi(dried bonito) as well

Then, Takoyaki is ready ! 
Hum... how nice ! 


Nikuman is a steamed bun with meat in it.

It is a popular hot snack especially in winter !

Peel the paper at the bottom

Nikuman is the Japanese style for the Chinese baozi,

made from flour dough, and filled with cooked ground pork and other ingredients.

Sometimes it filled with curry, tomato source & cheese, or other fillings.

In the cold season, you can get it at any convenience store at easily !


I like Dorayaki.

Dorayaki is a classic Japanese sweets,

filled with Anko(sweet beans paste) between two slices of sweet fluffy pancakes.

A package of Dorayaki

The inside

This Dorayaki contains so big chestnuts.

When you eat Dorayaki, you don't need any cutlery, you can eat it by your hands !


Like an ice... so beautiful...

Do you believe that this is a kind of rice cake ?

The name is Kuzu-mochi.

It is made with just starchy kuzu powder*, sugar and water.

*Kuzu powder= a natural and unprocessed powder extracted from the kuzu plants

Although this Kuzu-mochi includes Anko (sweet beans paste),

sometimes it is eaten with Kinako(soy powder) or brown sugar syrup.

Kuzu-mochi is a one of the Japanese cold sweets.

Enjoy the taste and looks !

Sashimi of Shrimp

Have you ever eaten Sashimi of Shrimp ?

I looove it !

I bought fresh shrimps for Sashimi at a supermarket.

A fresh shrimp is commonly expensive, but today, I could get it at a low price.

How lucky !

My mother peeled the shells from shrimps for me. Thanks mam !

Hum... sashimis of shirimp glisten... beautiful...

I ate it with soy source (Shoyu).

Needless to say, very very very delicious.

You must eat Sashimi of shrimp in Japan !


Have you ever eaten Taiyaki ?

Taiyaki is a fish-shaped waffle-like cake stuffed with Anko(sweet bean paste) and one of the traditional Japanese sweets.

It literally means "a baked sea bream".

Tai = a sea bream (In Japan, it is thought that a sea bream is supposed to bring happiness)
Yaki = baked

You would be able to understand why Taiyaki has such a name if you see the shape.

Traditionally, Taiyaki stuffed with Anko, but over time, custard, chocolate, or more recently, cheese has been added.

I like Anko or custard.

If you get Taiyaki, you can enjoy twice: the looks and taste !

Please eat freshly baked Taiyaki !

Ice cream ②

The series of Japanese ice cream ② !

(① is here)

The combination of chocolate and a butter sandwich cookie.

You can eat both of them, ice cream of chocolate and ice cream with a butter sandwich cookie, at the same time.

Rip a package open from back side


The first ice cream covered with chocolate is appeared.

The chocolate and almond are crunchy !

As you continue eating,

butter sandwich ice cream will come out from below.

It also tastes nice !

You can get it at any convenience store and supermarket.

I like the ice cream :)

Ice cream ①

This is an ice cream of crepe.

Not only an ice cream but also the crepe skin is frozen.

There is a lot of ice cream around the world like you know,

so I would like to introduce various ice creams of my country several times.

This time, an ice cream of crepe.

Open the package from the backside

Oops, the edge of the ice cream got chipped ... 

Don't mind ...

Open the paper again

And then, appeared !

Hum... interesting ! An ice cream and frozen crepe !

Nozawana pickles with Wasabi

Do you know Nozawana ?

Nozawana is a kind of pickles.

Nozawana, the mustard family plant, cultivated in some region, and salted and fermented, and become pickles.

This Nozawana contains carrots, kombu(kelp) and Wasabi* !

*Wasabi = Japanese horseradish, eating with Sushi

I like the taste of Nozawana,

but I don't know it suits everyone's taste.

If you find out Nozawana in Japan, please try it and check it !


Do you know Inari-zushi ?

Inari-zushi is a kind of Sushi made by filling a Abura-age* with sushi rice.

* Abura-age= fried Tofu skin boiled with fish broth, soy sauce and sugar

Abra-age is carefully cut in half, and it is opened like a pocket.

Then, sushi rice with white sesame is stuffed into it.

You can get it at supermarket in Japan.

Generally, several Inari-zushis are filled in one package like it.

Hum... it doesn't look like sushi, but it is sushi...

Bite, and feel the harmony with rice and Abra-age !

Cream Puff (chocolate)

You might be surprised when eating Japanese cream puff,

because the puff shell is soft compared with other countries one.

A cream puff is popular among Japanese,

so you can get it at any supermarket, convenience store, and pastry shop in Japan.

This time, my mother bought it for me at some convenience store.

Open the package

The dough is airy and including chocolate cream inside.

Yummy !

Matcha Ganache

Ganache is called "nama-choco" in japanese.

Nama means raw... choco means chocolate...

Nama-choco really melts smoothly in our month.

This time I ate a Matcha ganache of ROYCE', a famous company of chocolate in Hokkaido* prefecture.

* Hokkaido prefecture = most north and biggest prefecture in Japan

Open the box

Looks like a tile ...

Hum... the taste is not so bad,

but I prefer other flavor to this Matcha ...