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Japanese crepes are like jewelry boxes.

It is filled with ice creams, fresh creams, fruits, sources...

When I lived in south America, I miss Japanese crepe !

Japanese crepe is portable

because ingredients are wrapped around the crepe dough, and the dough is wrapped around paper.

You can carry it with your hands and go anywhere.

Inside the paper

This is a crepe of ice cream, fresh cream, bananas and chocolate source.

At first, eat the top of crepe such as a ice cream and fresh cream with spoon and then, bite.

Hum... love Japanese crepe !


Oden is synonymous with winter for Japanese.

What is Oden ?

Oden is a traditional japanese hot pot

consists of white radish(Daikon), various fish cakes, kon-nyaku, boiled eggs and other ingredients simmered in a dashi broth.

Ingredients of Oden vary from region to region.

I chose my favorite, Kon-nyaku.

The white one is in the shape of a string, called Yarn(Ito) Kon-nyaku.


Please try to eat Oden, Japanese traditional hot pot, in Japan,

and find out your favorite ingredients of Oden !


Do you know Kara-age ?

Japanese deep-fried chicken (Kara-age) is very popular in Japan.

You can get it at any restaurant, supermarket, even convenience store.

I have never met someone who doesn't like Kara-age !

My mother bought this Kara-age at Seven-Eleven.

All convenience stores have a hot snack area next to the cash register,

so you can get Japanese hot snacks any time.

This Kara-age is fried with potato starch.

The chicken is juicy and the coating is crisp.

How nice ! !

Japanese Pudding (Purin)

Silky, very very very silky

This is a suitable word to describe Japanese pudding (Purin).

My mother bought it at Seven-Eleven, one of the Japanese convenience stores, perhaps you know.

In the past, sweets of convenience stores were not good so much,

but these have become more nice in recent years.

Hum... glossy

Please eat from top to bottom with a spoon

to eat together the caramel on the bottom.

Feel silky !

Sandwich (Anko & fresh cream)

Have you ever eaten Anko* and fresh cream at the same time ?

*Anko = sweet bean paste, a traditional Japanese sweets

I love this sandwich, あん生(An-nama) meaning Anko and fresh cream, made by メルヘン.

メルヘン(Märchen) is my favorite Japanese sandwich company !

I extremely recommend An-nama Sandwich ! !

Open the package

Wow... I cannot wait to eat !

Come Japan, and feel this perfect harmony of An-nama !

Shijimi Miso Soup

Dou you know Shijimi ?

Shijimi is a small freshwater clam often eaten in Japan.

Shijimi and Miso* have rich nourishment.

Additionally, Shijimi clams have an amino acid, which removes liver toxins.

For these reasons, it is said that Shijimi Miso Soup is good for hangover.

If you have a hangover in Japan,

please try to drink Shijimi Miso Soup !

Aaaaand please check by yourself whether it is good or not for hangover ;)

Jelly of Peach

The image color of peach is pink in Japan,

so goods of peach is covered with pink.

How is your country ?

Take off the lid

hum... so beautiful

Go on eating...

Then, a big piece of peach appears from the bottom.

Yummy !

Young Sardines (Shirasu)

A young sardine is called "Shirasu" in japanese.

I have never eaten raw Shirasu, but you can eat fresh one somewhere in Japan.

A raw young sardine is transparent, a boiled young sardine is white.

This is just boiled and a little bit salty.

This time, I ate young sardines with Tofu*, green onions (Negi) and Shoyu.

*Tofu = bean curd

Healthy and nutritious.

Deep-fried oyster

How do you eat oyster (Kaki) ?

A deep-fried oyster is most popular in Japan.

From autumn to winter, deep-fried oyster begins to appear on the menu at the restaurant and supermarket.

If you want to eat it, it is better to visit Japan at this season.

And, if it is first time to eat a deep-fried oyster in Japan,

I recommend you to eat at the restaurant at first because I would like you to eat freshly fried one.

In the case of a supermarket, it will inevitably take some time to eat after fried.

The former is the best.

Hum... the taste is so nice.... my favorite...

I always want to eat it not only this season... !

Sweet rice dumpling (Dango)

Sooooo cute ! ! !

Who can believe that it is sweet rice dumpling (Dango) ?!

Sweet rice dumpling (Dango) is made from rice flour,

and its inside has sweet bean paste (Anko).

Dango is a one of the traditional Japanese sweets.

Green tea suits for Dango more than coffee.

A rabbit shaped Dango... so lovely... !

Swiss roll of Castella

This is a Swiss roll of Castella and chestnut cream.

Do you know "Castella" ?

Castella is a sponge cake came from Portugal to Japan in 16 century.

Even now, this sponge cake is popular in Japan.

My mother gave me a Swiss roll of Castella and chestnut cream.

I like both of them, Castella and chestnut.

When I see something about chestnut like a food, design, advertisement, etc,

I feel the season for chestnut has arrived.

Yes, autumn is coming.

With coffee.

Hum... how nice !

Mentaiko (Spicy Caviar)

Have you ever eaten Spicy Caviar (Mentaiko) ?

Mentaiko is cod roe slowly marinated in chili pepper and salt.

Its spicy and rich flavor goes well with pasta, potato,

and especially rice, making it a favorite for putting inside Japanese rice balls (Onigiri).

My father gave me high-quality Mentaiko (absolutely expensive...)

Open the box

Take off the lid of a plastic box

There are three Mentaikos in it

Pick up one Mentaiko and put on the plate

Generally, we eat Mentaiko with something like rice,

but I like to eat it only, not with something.

Hum... Mentaiko is my favorite ... !