Mentaiko (Spicy Caviar)

Japanese spicy caviar

Have you ever eaten Spicy Caviar (Mentaiko) ?

Mentaiko is cod roe slowly marinated in chili pepper and salt.

Its spicy and rich flavor goes well with pasta, potato,

and especially rice, making it a favorite for putting inside Japanese rice balls (Onigiri).

Box of Spicy Caviar (Mentaiko)

My father gave me high-quality Mentaiko (absolutely expensive...)

Open the box

A plastic box of Spicy Caviar (Mentaiko)

Take off the lid of a plastic box

A box of Spicy Caviar (Mentaiko)

There are three Mentaikos in it

Spicy Caviar (Mentaiko)

Pick up one Mentaiko and put on the plate

Spicy Caviar (Mentaiko)

Generally, we eat Mentaiko with something like rice,

but I like to eat it only, not with something.

Spicy Caviar (Mentaiko)

Hum... Mentaiko is my favorite ... !


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