Deep-fried oyster

Deep-fried oyster

How do you eat oyster (Kaki) ?

A deep-fried oyster is most popular in Japan.

Deep-fried oysters

From autumn to winter, deep-fried oyster begins to appear on the menu at the restaurant and supermarket.

If you want to eat it, it is better to visit Japan at this season.

Deep-fried oyster

And, if it is first time to eat a deep-fried oyster in Japan,

I recommend you to eat at the restaurant at first because I would like you to eat freshly fried one.

In the case of a supermarket, it will inevitably take some time to eat after fried.

The former is the best.

Deep-fried oyster

Hum... the taste is so nice.... my favorite...

I always want to eat it not only this season... !


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