Nozawana pickles with Wasabi

Nozawana pickles with Wasabi

Do you know Nozawana ?

Nozawana is a kind of pickles.

Nozawana, the mustard family plant, cultivated in some region, and salted and fermented, and become pickles.

Nozawana pickles

This Nozawana contains carrots, kombu(kelp) and Wasabi* !

*Wasabi = Japanese horseradish, eating with Sushi

I like the taste of Nozawana,

but I don't know it suits everyone's taste.

If you find out Nozawana in Japan, please try it and check it !


  1. Do you have a recipe for this version? It was one of my favorite dishes that I tried, while visiting Tokyo. The dish that I've had, didn't have wasabi, from what I could taste, but did include some type of Japanese mushrooms, like enoki. Thanks!

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