Udon with Negi

Do you know "Udon" ?

Udon is a one of the Japanese noodles.

Japanese noodle, Udon

Compared with Ramen that you may know,

Ingredients <Udon> : flour and salt water

Ingredients <Ramen> : flour, egg, salt, and alkaline salt aqueous solution

Shape and color <Udon> : thick and white

Shape and color <Ramen> : thin and a little bit yellow

Soup <Udon> : basically soy-flavored soup

Soup <Ramen> : soy-flavored soup, Miso-flavored soup and soup of pork or fish stock

If you are vegetarian or vegan,

you cannot eat Ramen, but you can eat Udon !

Tempra of Chikuwa

And this is essential for Udon, "Tempura" !

*Tempra= deep-fried fish and vegetables

I ate a Tempra of "Chikuwa", a tubular roll of boiled fish paste.

I recommend you to eat Udon with Tempra in Japan !


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