Japanese Lemon Cake

Japanese Lemon cake

How many people think this is a lemon ?

Yes, it must be lemon... but this is a not fruit, cake !

Japanese lemon cake is in the shape of lemon !

A package of lemon cake

This lemon cake is made in some hot spring town.

If you want know it, I will tell you where it is.

But anyway, you can get Japanese lemon cake at some store in Japan.

package of lemon cake

Open the package from back side

tearing the package of lemon cake

Tear the package

lemon cake

Turn the lemon cake upside down...

japanese lemon cake

Lemon ! oops, Lemon cake appeared.

The yellow part is the lemon flavored white chocolate.

Bite lemon cake

How niiiiiiiiiice !

I already ate three ...


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