Fake Food

A capsule of fake food

How cuuuuuuute ! !

A small Fake Food of toast with Anko (sweet beans paste).

Do you know Fake Food ?

Generally, these are lined up in the show window of restaurants as menu.

So even if you cannot read Japanese, you can recognize what is offered at the restaurant.

Recently, toys of Fake Food also started to appear.

Capsule of fake food

My sister bought this Gashapon* of Fake Food.

*Gashapon is a popular capsule toy in Japan. You can get it at specific vending machine.

Fake food

Open it

Fake food of toast with Anko

A toast with Anko and butter

How lovely...

fake food

You can get one from 6 types:

toast with butter, toast with honey, toast with strawberry jam, toast with Anko and butter, Pizza toast, toast with sunny-side up

You cannot eat it, but soooooooo cute.

I absolutely recommend you to get Fake Food when you come here, Japan.


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