Spicy Mapo Noodle

Spicy Mapo Noodle

Love spicy, love noodles

I ate both of them at a time !

Package of spicy Mapo noodle of MUJI

I used this sauce, a style of Chinese cuisine from Sichuan region.

It is including ground meat, bamboo shoot, shiitake mushroom and red pepper.

You can get it at Muji store, perhaps even in your country.

At first, soak dried Harusame* in hot water to reconstitute it.

Soaking dried Harusame(gelatin noodle from beans)

*Harusame= gelatin noodle from beans, low-calorie, vegan food

I substituted Harusame for general noodle, because I prefer the first to the second.

Putting sauce on the Harusame

Put the sauce on the Harusame

Spicy Mapo Noodle

Then, spicy mapo noodle is ready !

hum...not so spicy... but yummy !


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