Seared Bonito

Seared Bonito(Katsuo no tataki) with green onion

Do you like Sashimi ?

Seared Bonito = かつおのたたき(Katsuo no tataki) is one of the Sashimis.

Slice of seared Bonito

Slice the Bonito(Katsuo) and a long green onion(Negi).

This time, I used a frozen Seared Bonito.

When you want to eat it, put the package into the water and wait 10~15 minutes. That's it !

You can eat fresh Seared Bonito whenever you want.

Thaaanks for the technical innovation !

Seared Bonito with green onion

Dip it in the soy sauce, and eat it with Negi !

Absolutely delicious !!


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