This is Jagabee, one of the Japanese potato snack

Do you like a snack from potato ?

"Jagabee" is one of the Japanese potato snacks.

Can you recognize "手羽先" and "味" written on the box ?

*手羽先(tebasaki)= a chicken wing

This tip section of chicken is usually cooked with special sauce made of soy sauce, sake, Milin(sweet sake), sugar and pepper.

*味(aji)= taste/flavor

So that, "手羽先味" means a taste of a chicken wing with the sauce.

The box of Jagabee

The other side of the box.

皮つき= with skin
じゃがいも= potato
スティック= stick

A sack of Jagabee

Open the package

Potato snacks are in the sack.

Potato sticks(Jagabee) appears

Crisp crisp crisp...


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